PRN COVID-19 Updates

PRN is open for business

September 1

As the current situation continues to change and evolve, we continue to monitor and update our guidelines and procedures. We’d like to thank all of our customers, vendors, and team members for adhering to guidelines and continuing to make our offices and warehouses safe places to work. 

August 10

Taking a cue from the mask mandate in Minnesota where one of our main warehouses is located, Pallet Rack Now team members are now wearing protective masks in all common spaces in our buildings. Team members are also wearing masks upon entering and leaving our facilities to create the safest work environment possible. We are still not allowing visitors inside our buildings, and are limiting building access to customer pick-ups, maintenance-based visitors, and material pick-up and drop-offs. 

July 14

We remain committed to supplying your pallet rack needs lightning fast. Pallet Rack Now is now allowing maintenance-based visitors into our buildings and facilities, but still are not allowing customers, families, friends, or other visitors in our buildings. We have also updated our facilities to be nearly touch-free. Digital entry, door footplates, and light switches have been updated to automatic operation to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for our team. 

June 4

Pallet Rack Now is maintaining normal hours of operation and remains fully staffed while providing for safe social distancing in the workplace. Non-PRN visitors to our offices must schedule an appointment and must wear a face mask.

In order to keep our team safe we continue to adhere to State and Federal Mandates and other best-practices including:

-Policies and procedures are in place to identify sick workers and ensure sick workers stay home.
-Protocols have been implemented for social distancing, barriers, and have equipped staff to work from home where possible.
-Worker hygiene and source controls include: all staff members are provided no-charge access to PPE, hand sanitizing stations, daily workspace cleaning, sanitization of our offices multiple times per week, building and ventilation improvements, contactless payment options, and payment-exchanging protocols.
-Contained accessibility for drivers and end-user drop-offs, pick-ups, and deliveries to minimize face-to-face interactions. Deliveries and Customer Pickups are being directed to Dock 1 at our MN Warehouse. Pick-ups in Pennsylvania are advised to use the visitors’ entrance at the front of the building to coordinate pickup. 



The PRN team is still available to quote, take, and ship your orders as most of our team is in the office. We are currently not allowing non-PRN personnel in our offices but will allow customer pickups at the designated places in our warehouses (please contact us for more information on pickups). In order to keep our team safe, we continue to take precautions such as:

-Additional hand sanitizing stations
-Daily workspace cleaning
-Sanitization of our offices multiple times per week
-Contained accessibility for drivers and end-user pick-ups and deliveries

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.



While our docks are open, we don’t want to assume yours are too. When you place your order, let our team know your dock hours or special delivery requirements.
We are happy to help coordinate a scheduled delivery or provide you with a freight quote for guaranteed delivery.

Pallet Rack Now and our parent company AK Material Handling Systems are operating as normal, as we fall under the essential critical infrastructure workforce guidelines set forth by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). What does this mean for our customers?

Our offices and warehouses will remain open
As an essential business, we will remain open to meet the needs of all businesses that are currently operating. Minnesota, where our headquarters are located, has issued a shelter in place directive, but this will not affect our ability to meet the needs of essential businesses, and individual customers from all over the country.

We will continue taking, placing and fulfilling orders
Our sales team will continue to quote, order, and coordinate orders for our customers. We have seen little change in our supply chain, and we are still shipping orders on a daily basis.

While we remain open…
We do have members of our team working from home. They will remain available during normal business hours to support the rest of the team, and our customers.

Need Help?
Our sales and shipping teams are ready to help you. You can reach us directly at 888-578-1578 or by emailing us.

Stay Informed
We will continue to update this post if there are any changes or disruptions to our operations. For more information, please subscribe to our mailing list below, where we will be sending out updates as well.

***Please note that while we are still operating as normal, we are not allowing outside vendors, visitors, or family members into our building for the safety of our employees, and prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

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