Pallet Rack Beam Safety Clips

pallet-rack-safety-drop-pin-1-2 copy

We talk a lot about various pallet rack topics. It’s what we are passionate about, and what we do best. We’re constantly “racking” our brains to think of helpful information for anyone with pallet rack or a warehouse, or those considering investing in pallet rack. However, there’s a lot of helpful information out there related […]

Used Pallet Rack Minnesota — Fresh Arrivals

Used Pallet Rack Minnesota

At Pallet Rack Now, we’ve taken notice of the demand for quality used pallet rack.  From warehouse managers to folks looking to utilize more vertical space in their personal storage strategies, there is a significant market looking to get their hands on pallet rack that’s more cost-effective for them than the brand new stuff.  Of course, […]

Types of Pallets

Stringer Pallet

While the world of material handling may seem straightforward, you might be surprised at how much variation and specificity there is when it comes to the ins and outs of moving and storing products.  A prime example of this is the variety of pallet types that are available for warehouse operators to choose from.  When someone […]

Where can I Buy Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Shelves?

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Shelves

Finding the pallet rack product you’re looking for can be a challenge, even with the advent of search engines.  It’s not always easy to see who’s stocking the brand you need, if they have the correct sizes and products available, or if they’re able to ship to your location.  If you’re looking for Ridg-U-Rak’s slotted […]

Structural Pallet Rack Available for Quick Ship

California Pallet Rack

If you’re interested in structural pallet rack, but don’t want to wait weeks just for your order to ship, Pallet Rack Now can help.  PRN now has quick shipping (24-48 hours) available for structural pallet rack in our Stockton, California inventory. Because structural pallet racking is usually  difficult to obtain via quick ship, Pallet Rack […]

Recent Shipment of Used Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack Now’s Maple Grove, Minnesota warehouse has recently received a significant shipment of used pallet rack items to bolster the already abundant used pallet rack inventory available.  Pallet Rack Now has an excellent selection of used pallet racking currently in stock, and is committed to selling only quality, ready-to-install used pallet rack.  This article […]

Measuring a Pallet Rack Cross Beam

Measuring a Pallet Rack Cross Beam from Pallet Rack Now on Vimeo. Correctly measuring the components of your pallet racking is essential for warehouse planning, buying new pallet rack, or replacing your current pallet rack.  Fortunately, measuring pallet rack cross beams is a relatively simple process.  In fact, it consists of just one easy step: […]