Pallet Rack Upright Frame Protection – 12″, 18″ & 24″

Warehouse Safety Rack Guard

A simple and cost effective way to add safety to your pallet racking is to add pallet rack upright frame protection. This protection can be found in the form of “Column Protectors”. These protectors mount to

Warehouse Safety Rack Guard
Warehouse Safety Rack Guard

the floor in front of the upright frame and surround the the frame column leaving very little of the frame column exposed. These are highly recommended in high traffic areas where a lot of forklift traffic is present. Frame column protectors are typically placed on the inside bays of a rack system with rack end guards protection the end aisle frames. These frame column protectors come in several standard sizes including 12″ High, 18″ High and 24″ High. The most common frame protector found in warehouses is the 12″ high.

Below is a list of the benefits of having pallet rack frame protectors.

– Prevent damage to your upright frames from forklift traffic

– Prevent damage to your upright from pallets

– Prevent a rack collapse by protecting the upright column from moving equipment

– Increase overall safety of your rack system.

If you are interested in purchasing pallet rack frame column protectors Use the following links:

12″ Frame Protector18″ Frame Protector  | 24″ Frame Protector