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Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop Beams - 2.5" x 96" × 4

Beam Quantity - (4)

Nashville Wire Products Wire Decks - 24" x 46" × 4

Wire Deck Quantity - (4)

Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop Frame - 24 x 96 × 2

Frame Quantity - (2)


Pallet Rack Starter Kit – 24″ Deep x 96″ High

Our 96″ tall pallet rack starter kit is ideal for those looking for a quick storage solution.

This package features:

(2) Ridg-U-Rak 24″ x 96″ teardrop frames. 16,700 capacity per bay.

(4) Ridg-U-Rak 2.5″ x 96″ teardrop beams. 1,750 capacity per pair of beams.

(4) Nashville Wire 24″ x 46″ wire decks. 3,280 cap per deck evenly distributed

The starter kit’s parts come individually shipped, with assembly required.

This 8-foot tall pallet rack starter unit is ideal for smaller storage applications that require a slightly heavier capacity than industrial shelving units. The unit’s compact size is ideal for home garages, work sheds, workshops, warehouses, and storage areas where vertical height is a limitation. Ridg-U-Rak teardrop frames and beams allow for easy adjusting, allowing for re-slotting of your shelves depending on your levels’ height-needs.

Need multiple sections? Add the amount you need to your cart (below individual products). Adding levels is easy as well, as two beams and wire decks can be added for a third shelf level on this unit. Need accessories? We can help with that, too, as safety clips, row spacers, and column protectors are all in-stock.

Teardrop pallet racking is compatible with other teardrop racking brands, making this starter unit a perfect addition to your existing racking. Ordering is quick and easy, as this unit will ship out of our East Stroudsburg, PA warehouse. All orders ship within 48 orders of placement and will get to you lightning-fast.

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Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop Beams - 2.5" x 96"

Weight 22.8 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

Minnesota, Pennsylvania

Nashville Wire Products Wire Decks - 24" x 46"

Weight 10.6 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 24 × 1.625 in


Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop Frame - 24 x 96

Weight 38.5 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 3 × 24 in

Minnesota, Pennsylvania

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