Sell Your Pallet Rack & Shelving

Used Industrial Pallet Racks

Are you looking to sell your warehouse pallet rack? We can help. We purchase quality used pallet racking across the United States. No project too big or too small for us. We offer rack appraisals and estimates for Sell Your Warehouse Pallet Rack Shelvingthose looking to get an idea of what their rack system is worth.

Things to know when selling your pallet rack.

In order to get the most accurate quote on your products, we ask that you are able to answer most of the below questions.

Where is the product located?
Is the product still standing?
What style or manufacturer is the rack system?
On a scale of 1-10 what condition is the racking in?
Do you have pictures and can you take them?
When are you looking to sell the product?

Cross Beam Information:
Length?  (inside to inside)
Height?  (Beam Face Measurement)

Upright Frame Information:
Width? (Front to back measurement)
Frame column size?

Wire Decking?
If you are able to answer most of these questions please use the form below to send in your bid request.

Sell Your Used Pallet Rack Shelving