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The main components of pallet racking may be upright frames and beams, but the importance of wire mesh decking is often underrated. When wire decks are used to complement pallet rack cross beams, the surface on which the pallet sits is increased from less thaPhoenix, AZ Pallet Racksn a few inches to several square feet. Adding to the pallet shelves’ surface area not only lends additional support but makes loading and picking easier and less hazardous. Our Arizona Pallet Racks Wire decking is more durable than plywood, and are more likely to comply with local fire codes.

Standard U Channel Wire Decks

U channel wire decks are the most popular wire decks in our selection. These tend to dominate the wire deck market due to generally being stronger and more cost effective than flare channel varieties. Our Phoenix inventory includes quick shipping, standard sized wire decks, meaning lead times are held to 1-3 days. If your pallet rack cross beams have a standard step, U channel wire decks are likely the decking option for you.

Flare Universal Channel Wire Decks

For those with box beams or beams that are otherwise incompatible with standard U channel wire decks, flare channel decks are the go-to solution. Instead of sitting on the beam step, the support channels of flare channel decks “flare” over the top of the beam, eliminating the need for a beam step. Though not as strong as U channel decks, flare channel decks have the advantage of being universal. Meaning, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not they’ll be compatible with a given pair of cross beams. Both U channel and flare channel decks are readily available from our Phoenix facility.

Thousands In-Stock

The Pallet Rack Now advantage is our in-stock, quick ship pallet rack and wire decks. We’re able to get your decks to your delivery location in a matter of days because we keep thousands of them in stock awaiting your order. Whether you’re looking for a single replacement deck or need thousands of decks delivered by the end of the week, Pallet Rack Now will stay true to its name.

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Decks

Our heavy duty wire decks are built to withstand capacity requirements over 2,500 pounds. Heavy duty wire decks stand up to the heaviest, most demanding warehouse storage applications, providing a reliable surface on which to store virtually any type of product. Simply let us know your capacity needs, and we’ll deliver the heavy duty wire decks needed to beef up your rack system.

Arizona Pallet Racks Wire Deck 24-72 Hr Quick Ship

How quick is quick shipping? At our Phoenix, Arizona location, quick ship wire decks leave the warehouse in 1-3 days. You don’t have to wait weeks or months for other types of products, and you shouldn’t have to wait for your pallet rack wire decks either.

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