Wire Decking: Everything You Need to Know

What is Wire Decking? Wire decking is an essential part of any pallet rack configuration. At its simplest, this product is a wire mesh panel with channels welded beneath, providing capacity and stability. It [...]

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What is Pallet Racking? A Simple Guide

Pallet racking is a warehouse storage solution. One bay of rack consists of two uprights and two beam levels. All of this gets put together to create space for storing material on pallets.

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Case Study: Blue Ox Wholesale

Blue Ox Wholesale, also known as “Blue Ox Vapor,” is a tobacco company that wholesales and manufacturers “e-Juice” and other vaping products and has been a loyal customer to Pallet Rack Now since September [...]

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Manufacturer Spotlight- Nashville Wire

Pallet Rack Now is proud to have over 30 years of being a distributor of Nashville Wire’s products, and have sold millions of dollars worth of their wire decking.

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How To Choose The Right Frames and Beams

What kind of pallet rack frames and beams do I need? It’s a question we receive a lot here at Pallet Rack Now. Fortunately, we have answers on how to choose pallet rack. If [...]

6 Questions To Ask When Considering New or Used Pallet Racking

If you are reading this post, you’re probably in the market for new pallet racking or used pallet racking. Even if you are just beginning your search, you have probably realized that there many [...]

4 Benefits of Rack Manufacturer Consistency

Pallet racking can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to it and shopping around for the first time. No doubt you have several questions and concerns about making the right decision [...]

PRN COVID-19 Updates

PRN is open for business February 2 Pallet Rack Now continues to be in a holding pattern with our COVID safety protocols and guidelines. We will continue to monitor local, [...]

JUST IN: Used Pallet Rack Inventory Additions

***Save this blog post to stay up-to-date on our latest additions to our used inventory. Pallet Rack Now has recently received a variety of high-quality, used pallet rack beams, wire decks, and column protectors. [...]

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