What Type of Pallet Racking Do I Have?

Pallet Rack Guide

Pallet Rack Identification Guide

Do you work in or run a warehouse operation? Is your warehouse full of pallet racks that hold all of your products and goods? Just about every warehouse that is used for storing products has some kind of pallet racking storage system. These systems come in many different sizes and styles. Although they may look very similar, there are dozens of different kinds of pallet rack styles and systems. We have created a pallet rack identifier to help you with that.

Pallet Rack Guide
Pallet Rack Guide

Pallet Racks In All Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps you’ve been considering buying new pallet rack systems for your warehouse, but you’re not sure which kind you need. Or, maybe your current rack systems need some repairs or replacement parts. You might also want to add onto the current racks you already have. However, you might not be sure what kind of racks you already have or what parts you need so let us help you with that. Call 888-578-1578 and we can help you measure your racking correctly ensuring you get the products you need.

Pallet Rack Now Knows Pallet Racks

At Pallet Rack Now we can help you with all of those questions and concerns. Whether you have the Prest Rack Teardrop, Interlake Teardrop, Interlake Bolt Together, or the Ridg-u-Rak slotted system, Pallet Rack Now can help you replace your old or damaged pallet rack system. We offer Pallet Rack Repair kits and other safety solutions to help you create a safer warehouse.

Send Us Your Info and We Can Help

If you have a pallet rack system in place and you’re not sure what kind of pallet rack it is, then contact Pallet Rack Now and we’ll get you squared away. You can send us a photo or even a video of your current system and we can tell you what kind you have in place. Plus, we can also determine what kind of replacements or additions are appropriate for your warehouse’s pallet rack systems.

Choose the Best Style For Your Warehouse

We are pallet rack storage system experts and not only can we help you determine what kind of racking you have, but we can also help you determine what kind of style is best for your warehouse. Contact us online or by phone at 888-578-1578.