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Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

We know our California customers need wire decking to go with their upright frames and beams, so we’ve established a wire deck location in Fontana, California. Whether you need to replace your current wire decks with fresh new decks or you’re simply looking to buy wire decking to go with your new pallet racking system, our California wire deck location can supply the decks you need.

Nashville Wire's California Warehouse

Standard U-Channel Wire Decks

“U-Channel” describes the support channels underlying this type of wire decking. These channels resemble a “U” shape, and each end of the support channel sits atop the indent of a standard 1.5” step beam. U-Channel decks are stronger than their flare channel counterparts, and are recommended for users with standard step beams.

Flare Universal Channel Wire Decks

Flare channel wire decks are also referred to as universal wire decks due to their ability to be used on any type of pallet rack cross beam. As the name suggests, the support channel in flare channel decks “flares” over the top of the cross beam instead of sitting on the step, making the type of beam being used inconsequential. Though flare channel decks are weaker than U-channel decks, they are also more versatile.

2 Gauge, 4 Gauge and 6 Gauge Wire available

Not only are the size and color of wire decks customizable, but the wire gauge is as well, meaning you’ll be taken care of regardless of whether yours is a light, medium or heavy duty application. At our California wire deck quick ship facility, you have the option of choosing 2, 4 or 6 gauge wire for your wire mesh decking.

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Custom Sizes Available (Lead Times Apply)

If you’ve looked over the standard wire deck dimensions and don’t see anything that will fit your current pallet rack configuration, there’s no need to worry. At our Fontana facility, we can create custom wire deck orders that are specifically tailored to your individual pallet rack dimensions and weight requirements. Custom sizes, finishes and gauges create a more personalized warehouse storage experience.

Many Standard Sizes – In Stock

For our users looking for immediate shipping on wire decks, you’re in luck. We’ve got a myriad of standard sized wire decks in stock and waiting to ship out of our Fontana facility within two days of placing your order. Common standard wire deck dimensions include 42” x 46”, 42” x 52”, 36” x 46”, 48” x 46” and more.

Nashville Wire's California Warehouse

Pallet Rack Safety Products

Protecting your pallet rack columns is essential, but it’s not always easy to find a cost-effective, durable solution to keep forklift collisions in check. Protect-It Column Guards from our Fontana, California quick ship location provide just such a solution. Their column-hugging design provides three angles of protection, and their stickability allows users to adjust height as need on 5.25” increments.

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