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Teardrop Pallet Racks in GA

Our Pallet Rack Now SK2000 is a closed tubular teardrop rack system found in warehouses across the United States. The closed tube upright frame design of the SK2000 product line offers our customers the following advantages compared to the open-back upright frame columns. The columns 44 times more torsion resistant, have 250% greater frontal impact resistance and a 68% greater side impact resistance. Every upright frame in this system features a teardrop tapered keyhole beam-to-frame connection slot. This connection type is interchangeable with several other teardrop pallet racking systems, allows for 2″ vertical beam adjustments, and fits tightly under heavy loads. On top of that, the Steel King SK2000 comes equipped with an exclusive auto-engaging safety clip and powder coat finish leaving your warehouse safe and looking sharp after installation.

Georgia Pallet Racks

Seismic Pallet Rack

We offer seismic uprights and cross beams with custom add on’s suitable for seismic applications. The upright frames are equipped with over sized footplates and are vista green in color. The cross beams typically have larger beam to frame connectors and are poppy orange in color.

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack in GA

Along with our teardrop inventory we also stock a Heavy Duty structural steel option for more demanding warehosue applicaitons. Our Steel King structural pallet rack was developed to be rugged, affordable and the best value in structural pallet racks available. Our quick ship inventory consists of Precaution Blue upright frames partnered with Steel King Yellow cross beams. This inventory has multiple sizes and capacities avialable for our 48-hour quick ship. Please call 888-578-1578 to check our up-to-date inventory.

Georgia Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack Wire Decks

We offer our standard (42” Deep x 46” Wide) wire decks from this quick ship location in Rome, Georgia. The wire deck design comes with a standard 3 channel layout, fitting most types of 42” deep rack systems with beams that are equipped with a 1-5/8” step. More wire decking sizes and styles can be found in our online store or at our other locations. Looking for another size? Request a quote and we will find a location near you.

Cantilever Rack Systems

As a compliment to our new pallet rack, we also offer quick ship cantilever racking for your warehouse. Cantilever rack is great for your hard-to-store items including steel, lumber, piping, sheet metal, etc. Our quick ship cantilever rack is limited to 24″ arms in both single and double-sided designs. Heights include 144″, 168″ or 192″ with 144″ Columns including arms for three levels of storage, while 168″ and 192″ columns include arms for four levels of storage. We offer complete starter and add on packages for simple ordering. If you’re interested in other size cantilever rack systems make sure to give us a call and let us check our inventories at our other quick ship locations.

Teardrop Pallet Racks Minnesota and PA

Sizes and Availability

Our Georgia quick ship inventory consists of Vista Green upright frames with multiple depths and heights available and Poppy Orange cross beams available in different lengths and capacities. For the most accurate up-to-date inventory please call one of our pallet rack specialists at 888-578-1578.

Pallet Rack Safety Products

Our Georgia inventory of pallet rack safety products includes row spacers, Guard Dawg upright frame protectors, snap guard column protectors, wall ties, pallet pallet support bars, frame anchors and shims.

Georgia Pallet Rack Safety Products

Looking for Used Pallet Racks?

We do not stock any Used Pallet Rack at our Rome, GA quick ship. Please visit our used pallet rack online store to learn more about our used pallet rack inventory.

Pallet Rack Installation

We offer nationwide pallet rack installation services including in Georgia. Our services include teardown, relocation, and the installation of new systems. We also buy used pallet rack, so if you are interested in a quote, call 888-578-1578.

Georgia Pallet Racks Quote

For personalized service for your storage needs, contact our Pallet Rack Representatives at (888) 578-1578.

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