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Nashville Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

Wire decking is among the most popular pallet rack accessories in use today. Depending on the warehouse storage situation, wire decking can be more of a necessity than an accessory. Our Frankfort, Kentucky wire decks make it easier to load and unload pallets and miscellaneous loads onto and off pallet racking, and create a true “shelf” surface. We carry a diverse offering of U channel, flare channel, and drop-in wire decks at our Frankfort location.

Kentucky Pallet Racks

Standard U Channel Wire Decks

With their sturdy “U” shape, the support channels on U channel wire decks have capacities greater than flare channel decks. U channel decks are the most widely used style of wire deck due to their strength and the fact that they sit neatly on the step of standard step beams. At our Kentucky facility, we keep a fully stocked inventory of U channel decks, which are available in all standard sizes for immediate shipping.

2-Gauge, 4-Gauge and 6-Gauge Wire Available

Just as size needs vary, so do gauge needs. The 2-gauge, 4-gauge, and 6-gauge wire options accommodate the full range of wire deck storage capacity needs. The 2-gauge wire provides a cost-effective solution for lighter duty operations, while 6-gauge wire steps up to support heavier loads.

Custom Sizes Available (Lead Times Apply)

With Pallet Rack Now, you don’t have to be limited to standard sizes of wire decks. We aim is to meet your pallet storage needs, so we offer the option to create custom-sized wire decks that fit your racking like a glove. We work with engineers to ensure that your decks’ size, mesh pattern, color, and gauge are customized to your requirements.

Many Standard Sizes – In Stock

It may turn out that you don’t need a custom-size deck to fit your racks. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to take advantage of our 24-48 hour quick ship program. Because we keep standard size wire decks in stock in our Frankfurt, Kentucky location, your decks will be ready to ship within two days of placing your order.

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