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Roll Formed Selective Pallet Rack – Factory Direct

Quality roll formed selective pallet racking is manufactured in the Marysville, Michigan Pallet Rack Now shipping location. This location is not a pallet rack quick ship location, although this teardrop racking ships factory direct to you, saving on time and shipping costs. Roll formed selective teardrop pallet rack is among the most common, versatile, and cost-effective pallet rack options available on the market. Visit our Michigan Pallet Rack Quick Ship if you need the product now.

MI Pallet Racking

“Teardrop” Punching Pattern

“Teardrop” selective pallet rack means the pallet rack upright frames shipped from our Marysville, Michigan location feature the prominent “teardrop” style punching pattern. The teardrop punch holes act as the slot into which the pins of the pallet rack beam ears lock. Because the teardrop punch hole is wider at the top than the bottom, this design makes teardrop pallet rack both secure and easy to assemble. The teardrop punching pattern is also the most commonly used punch hole design in the industry, making teardrop style racking highly versatile and interchangeable.

Pallet Shelves in Michigan

Many Cross Beam Sizes Available – In Stock

Whatever the size of the crossbeam you need is, Pallet Rack Now can provide it. In Marysville, Michigan, we can manufacture a complete spectrum of pallet rack cross beam sizes with a wide variety of available capacities. We take great care to ensure the pallet rack beam capacity is suited to your application. These beams also have the shaved pin beam-to-frame connection working with most other styles of pallet racking.

Many Upright Frame Sizes Available – In Stock

The in-stock pallet rack upright frames we carry in Marysville are available for quick shipping in standard sizes, from 8’ to 20’ tall. Like the pallet rack cross beams, upright frames are also available in custom-order sizes to meet your unique demands.
Our Marysville, MI upright frames are adjustable on 2” increments, allowing for significant freedom to arrange beam level spacing as needed. Columns are available in both 3” and 4” widths, and feature an open-column design.

Michigan Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack Quick Ship

When you order pallet rack shipping out of Marysville, Michigan, your pallet rack order is pulled and ready to ship to your destination within hours of order placement, meaning you won’t have to endure a several-week-long lead time to receive the racking you need.

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For personalized service for your storage needs, contact our Pallet Rack Representatives at (888) 578-1578.

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