Located next door to each other in Maple Grove, MN, our warehouses stock the nation’s largest teardrop pallet rack inventories. Among them are upright frames, cross beams, and pallet rack safety products from industry-leading manufacturers Ridg-U-Rak, Steel King, and SpaceRak. Minnesota Pallet Racks Our inventory includes upright frames, cross beams and pallet rack safety products from industry-leading manufacturers including Ridg-U-Rak, Steel King and SpaceRak

Our largest current inventory comes from the manufacturer Ridg-U-Rak based in North East, PA. The Upright frames are green in color and have a variety of sizes and capacities. The cross beams range in size from 4’ up to 12’ long and are orange in color. Our Ridg-U-Rak inventory can be purchased from our online pallet rack store, but for large projects, the best way to check our current pallet rack inventory is to call 888-578-1578 and speak with one of our Pallet Rack Specialists.


Pallet Rack Wire Decking

J&L Wire
We’re proud to be the nation’s largest stocking distributor of J&L Wire galvanized decking for pallet rack. These decks provide added safety and security to rack systems while allowing enough water flow for your sprinkler systems, satisfying fire marshals. With over 10,000 wire decks on hand, we can meet the demands of your pallet rack project, shipping decks quickly and professionally across the United States. Our J&L inventory consists of both universal channel and standard u channel decks offering a solution for almost all rack systems in the market. Buy J&L Wire decks online.

ITC Wire
Our Minneapolis inventory of ITC wire mesh decks for pallet racking offers our customers a powder coat finish wire deck solution. Our inventory consists of the most standard size wire decking, including depths of 24”, 36”, 42”, 44” and 48”. Our ITC product offering is mainly on the standard U Channel design fitting most new and used pallet rack systems. This decking is easy to install and packaged with care, by wrapping it in a protective wrap for transit on the freight lines.


Pallet Rack Safety Products

Our standard in-stock rack safety products include row spacers, frame column protectors, wall ties, pallet support bars, beam safety pins, frame anchors, and shims. Our warehouse is also home to Shelf-clips.com which offers thousands of pallet rack and shelving clips.


Used Pallet Rack Minnesota

At Pallet Rack Now we have always viewed our used pallet rack stock as a complement to our New pallet racking inventory. We typically purchase all of our used rack from existing customers when we help customers move locations. Our pallet rack installation team and inventory specialists carefully inspect and review every used pallet rack product that we purchase.

This product is stocked in our Maple Grove warehouse and is open for a tour if desired. We always recommend our customers to come and visit our pallet rack store because it’s important to view the products and get the chance to see the professional operation we operate here at Pallet Rack Now. We also have photos and videos of every product in our inventory, so if you are interested in condition, please ask.


Minnesota Pallet Rack Installation

Minnesota is also home to our professional pallet rack installation team. This team specializes in pallet rack tear-down and relocation services across the Midwest. With all of the proper equipment and experience, our pallet rack installation team can handle warehouse projects of any size. We’ll work with you to plan around your schedule and minimize the impact of the install on business operations.


Minnesota Pallet Racks Quote

For personalized service for your storage needs, contact our Pallet Rack Representatives at 866-371-9895.

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Used Pallet Racks

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