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Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking

While it’s possible and sometimes preferable to use pallet racking with upright frames and beams alone, it’s usually ideal to utilize decking to form pallet shelves with wider surfaces. Among the various types of decking used, wire decks stand head and shoulders above the rest. The wire mesh decking boasts several advantages over non-wire options, including better visibility for warehouse employees, increased air circulation, and even decreased insurance premiums.

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Standard U Channel Wire Decks

The standard-sized U channel wire deck is the most popular wire mesh decking product we sell. U channel waterfall decks sit atop the beam step, and drape over the front of the cross beam, creating a “waterfall” look. U channel decks can be manufactured to accommodate a wide range of capacity requirements, but the standard ITC U channel wire deck is rated at a sturdy 2500 pounds. Considering most of the weight is bore by the beams themselves, a wire deck with a 2500 pound capacity is sufficient for most jobs.

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Thousands in Stock

Are you hoping to wait several weeks to get your decks? Neither is anyone else, so we’ve established a quick ship wire deck location in Columbus. Thousands of decks in stock means your wire deck order needs to be processed and pulled before it’s ready to ship out from Columbus. It also means we’ve got the sizes you need already in stock so they won’t have to be ordered from the manufacturer.


When standard capacity wire decks just won’t cut it, look to our heavy-duty wire decks. Heavy-duty decks are made specifically to hold loads over 2,500 pounds, so you won’t have to match your heavy-duty pallet racking with standard duty decks.

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Ohio Pallet Rack Wire Decking 48-96 Hour Quick Ship

Our Columbus, Ohio ship point offers customers a major lead time advantage, quick shipping wire decks within 1 – 3 days of placing the order. 24-72 hour quick shipping gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pallet rack mesh decking will arrive at your destination in days, not weeks or months. Once the decks leave the facility, we’ll continue to take care of you by offering the best available combination of shipping service and price.

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