Ridg-U-Tier II Teardrop Pallet Rack

As a major stocking distributor of Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack, we’re confident in standing behind the Ridg-U-Tier II product. Ridg-U-Tier II teardrop pallet rack is safe, reliable and highly interchangeable with both new and used existing systems. Ridg-U-Tier’s value is in a “tier” of it’s own. Our standard size teardrop upright frames and beams are in stock in quantities large enough to satisfy projects of any size. Powder coat paint creates a finish that’s longer lasting, tougher and more appealing than traditional paint.

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Rack – Special Order

For our customers in search of slotted pallet rack, we offer factory-direct Ridg-U-Rak Hook and Slot slotted pallet rack. Manufactured with roll formed steel, this slotted pallet rack is rigid and durable and is available for order in a large span of capacities. The original hook and slot design creates a strong beam-to-frame connection that won’t become accidentally disengaged by fork trucks. Users can freely adjust beams on 4” vertical increments.

Ridgurak Pallet Rack Safety Products

Our Ridgurak pallet rack safety products keep your personnel, product and pallet rack safe and sound. Each day, preventable warehouse accidents pose a threat to the safety of individuals, as well as the bottom lines of the companies that incur them. The Ridg-U-Rak safety products we carry serve a number of different warehouse safety purposes. This includes upright column protection, extra pallet support and the locking of cross beams into place to avoid product spills.

RamGuard Pallet Racking Frame Guard – Special Order

Forklift collisions with upright frame columns have been a problem since the advent of pallet racking during World War II. Despite this fact, upright column protectors have often been made to withstand only a few soft blows before giving way. RamGuard column protectors are the robust answer to these weaker column protectors. RamGuard features a high strength steel insert surrounded by energy-absorbing molded rubber, bouncing fork trucks aside and keeping your upright column intact. We keep a steady supply of RamGuards in stock for 48-hour quick shipping in our East Stroudsburg warehouse.

Nashville Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Racks

Our East Stroudsburg pallet rack selection would be incomplete without wire decking. In Pennsylvania, we stock Nashville Wire mesh decking that can be conveniently set on pallet rack beams. This allows each shelf to be easier to load and unload. Installation of each deck takes a matter of seconds and is free from hardware or other parts. Our East Stroudsburg warehouse stocks standard sizes of both U channel and flare channel Nashville Wire decks. With a grey paint finish, this product is for customers with standard step beams or box beams.

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