Column Protector Floor Mount 12″H x 6.25″W x 4.5″D Yellow PR-01021651

The 12″ floor mount column protector prevents damage to your pallet rack frames from a variety of warehouse traffic. The primary culprits of frame damage are forklifts. Warehouses with heavy traffic present the challenge of maintaining your rack safety and capacity due to such damage. This is where column protectors come into play.

There typically are two styles of column protectors. The first bolts onto the frame and the second bolts to the floor or surface. This particular product, as you can see by the title, is a floor mount column protector. We offer this in multiple sizes, with the 12-inch offering being one of the most popular.

You may be wondering if column protectors are necessary for your frames? As it turns out, forklifts are not the only source of damage for frames. Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), stackers, personnel carriers, or any other type of powered equipment can hit the uprights and damage the rack. Not only is that problematic for the rack itself, but it also can cause damage to the vehicle, the inventory, or any people nearby.

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