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Wire Deck NWP Waterfall Step 42″D x 46″W x 2.5″W x 4″D Gray 2200 lbs. Capacity PR-01401654 NW-4246-2200-U

The 42″ x 46″ wire deck offering from Nashville Wire is a staple in warehouse storage systems. This deck offers superior durability, strength, safety, and is easily installable in your 42″ deep pallet rack frame bays and systems.

Like we mentioned, the 42″ x 46″ wire deck is compatible with 42″ deep pallet rack frames. Simply drop the wire deck onto the back and front support beams to create a secure ‘shelf’ in your pallet rack bay. These decks are perfect for 92″ or 96″ long beams.

There are many benefits to utilizing a wire deck as opposed to plywood or other ‘decking’ options. Overall strength is one, as this particular deck has a capacity of 2200 lbs. This is perfect for heavier loads or pallets. Durability is also a primary benefit. Decks do not warp, or bend, thus maintaining capacity and safety. Perhaps most importantly, they are a less-expensive storage option. All decks come in pre-made sizes, and simply drop onto the beams. When using plywood, or other material, you may need to cut or retrofit these options, wasting time and money.

The strength of wire decks comes from the material (steel) and the support channels. These channels, commonly three or four, are located on the underside of the deck. It is not uncommon to see two or five channels, while a custom amount can also be utilized.

If you have questions about the 42″ x 46″ wire deck or need help determining the correct wire deck for your application, please contact us via form, or by calling us at (888) 578-1578. We have a team of experts with decades of experience that can provide a variety of services for warehouse storage and optimization. At the very least, we can get you your pallet rack wire decks lightning-fast!

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Additional information

Weight 16.74 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 42 × 1.625 in

Minnesota, Pennsylvania

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