• PRC200
  • Fits all pallet racking with 1/2″ aligning slots
  • Newly designed larger diameter from the “Original Pallet Rack Drop Pin”
  • Meets RMI/ANSI requirement of withstanding 1000#+ of upward force
  • Easy to use
  • Increases warehouse safety
  • Keep beams from dislodging
  • Orders ship within 48 hours of placement
  • Recommended to be used along with OEM Clip
  • Actual diameter for the 2.0 drop pin is 0.375 inches, while the diameter for the 1.0 is 0.29 inches.

Pallet Rack Safety J Bolt Drop Pin 2.0 – Reliable and Flexible Warehouse Safety Solution

Improving your warehouse safety is easier than you thought. With the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0, all it takes is a few seconds to secure cross beams. Drop the pallet rack safety drop pin into the 1/2″ aligning holes in the beams and upright frames, and you’ll keep beams from being knocked out of place by lift trucks. We have so much trust in the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin, that we include them with all of our used pallet rack beam orders to ensure customer safety. Beams that aren’t secured to upright frames violate ANSI/RMI protocol and endanger warehouse staff.

“Section 5.4.2 requires a locking device that prevents disengagement of the shelf beam when subjected to a 1000 lbs vertical uplift force. It is important that the locking devices be properly installed and remain engaged.” – RMI Standards

Fortunately, these accidents are easily preventable. Pallet rack safety pins provide the strength needed to stop beams from being disengaged, and the peace of mind that comes with having a safer workspace. They’re also built to last; the zinc coating on the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0 protects it from rust and corrosion.

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