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We’ve got our Southeastern wire deck customers covered with our Nashville, Tennessee wire deck quick ship and custom wire deck location. With Nashville wire decking, customers have the freedom to choose from an extensive list of standard wire decks, highly customized decking and everything in between. Tennessee Pallet Racks You may have known wire deck provides a shelving platform for pallets and other loads to sit on, but were you aware they can lower your insurance rates by increasing fire safety? Just one more reason to implement wire decking into your rack system.

Custom Sizes Available (Lead Times Apply)

If you need customized wire deck dimensions, you’re in good hands with our Nashville wire deck location. Whatever your custom wire deck needs are, we can make them happen. Individualized mesh patterns, depths, widths, colors and finishes are all just a simple request away from putting the finishing touch on your pallet racking project.

Many Standard Sizes – In Stock

Customized decks aren’t the only feature of our Nashville wire deck location. We stock a lineup of standard-sized wire decks for immediate shipping for customers who need their decks now. Standard deck sizes generally span from 24” to 60” in depth and from 34” to 58” in width. Both U channel and flare channel painted wire decks are in stock in Nashville, and will ship out of the warehouse within 48 hours of order placement.

Standard U Channel Wire Decks

U channel wire decks are the most common type wire decking in use, and are significantly stronger than flare channel decks due to the “U” shape of their support channels. To be able to use a U channel wire deck, a user must have standard step beams in place in their pallet rack system. If using box beams, the pallet rack user will need to use a flare channel deck style instead.

D2434-AA-3B1P24" x 34"33508.8
D2446-AA-3B1P24" x 46"328010.2
D2458-AA-3B1P24" x 58"350012.3
D3046-AA-3B1P30" x 46"320012.8
D3634-AA-3B1P36" x 34"260012.9
D3646-AA-3B1P36" x 46"270015.5
D3646-BB-3B1P36" x 46"320018.2
D3652-AA-3B1P36" x 52"270016.6
D3658-AA-3B1P36" x 58"270017.8
D4234-AA-3A1P42" x 34"255017.2
D4246-CA-3B1P42" x 46"220016.8
D4246-AA-3A1P42" x 46"270019.7
D4246-BB-3A1P42" x 46"300023.4
D4246-BB-4A1P42" x 46"360026.2
D4252-AA-3B1P42" x 52"225019.5
D4252-AA-3A1P42" x 52"270021.6
D4252-BB-4A1P42" x 52"365028.5
D4258-AA-3A1P42" x 58"275022.9
D4446-AA-3A1P44" x 46"255020.5
D4452-AA-3A1P44" x 52"275022.4
D4834-AA-3A1P48" x 34"220019.6
D4846-AA-3B1P48" x 46"190020.1
D4846-AB-3A1P48" x 46"250023.9
D4846-BB-4A1P48" x 46"310029.7
D4852-BA-3A1P48" x 52"250026.8
D4858-BA-3A1P48" x 58"250028.5
D6046-BA-4A1P60" x 46"230034.8
D2446-AA-3B2P24" x 46"250010.8
D3646-AA-3A2P36" x 46"250017.7
D3652-AA-3A2P36" x 52"250019.2
D4246-AA-3A2P42" x 46"210021.0
D4246-EA-3A2P42" x 46"250025.0
D4246-BB-4A2P42" x 46"300027.3
D4252-EA-3A2P42" x 52"250025.0
D4446-EA-3A2P44" x 46"250025.8
D4846-EA-4A2P48" x 46"250031.6
D4852-EA-4A2P48" x 52"250034.2

Pallet Rack Safety Products

Responsible pallet rack use means fully utilizing the variety of safety products available to warehouse managers. In our Nashville, Tennessee selection, you’ll find safety products used to help you protect and get the longest life out of your pallet rack. Wire mesh security enclosures attach to the front of the pallet rack, creating a secure space where your product is safe from damage or theft. Protect-It Column Guards are 5.25” high and stack atop one another, letting you create a customized upright column protection solution.

2 Gauge, 4 Gauge and 6 Gauge Wire Available

The gauge of wire required for your wire decking depends mainly on the capacity needed in your particular storage application. Our Nashville, Tennessee wire deck inventory includes wire gauge options of 2 gauge, 4 gauge and 6 gauge. Heavy duty or lightweight, we’ve got the wire gauge you need.

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