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J&L Wire has a long history of providing quality wire products to consumers nationwide, and Pallet Rack Now is proud to be a distributing partner. We offer many styles of J&L wire decking. Standard Waterfall is our most common in stock. Did you know that J&L also offers an Inside Waterfall wire deck? This is perfect for applications requiring a flush design in tight areas and when the front or rear beams must be open for barcoding. If you are looking for wire decks to fit your Bulk Storage or Double Rivet Shelving we recommend going with our Rivet Shelving Wire Deck. These are designed with waterfalls in the front and rear for safety when handloading. The waterfalls prevent clothing from catching and injury from hands. The Flare of Box-type comes in handy when trying to put a Galva-Deck on a box beam and support the loads with Wire Mesh Decking. Still not sure what’s right for you? Just give us a call. We are happy to help!

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Wire Decking Channel Supports

An integral part of a welded wire deck is the metal channel welded to the wires comprising the deck. Channels help to contribute to the overall strength of the deck and play an important role in workload capacities. Through testing, the importance of having enough channels is obvious. Typically, the more channels added to a deck, the higher the working load capacity.

Workplace safety should be first and foremost when considering the design of a wire deck. Understanding the importance of having a structurally sound platform necessitates knowing some things about the materials used in their construction.

GALVA-DECK Wire Decking Options In Stock Ready to Ship

J2446-2-2.5-181-16G 24″ x 45.5″ 4,450 9.47
J3646-2-2.5-181-16G 36″ x 45.5″ 3,238 14.17
J3653-2-2.5-181-16G 36″ x 53″ 3,238 15.56
J3658-2-2.5-181-16G 36″ x 58″ 3,238 18.32
L4246-2-2.5-181-16G 36″ x 58″ 2,500 16.35
J4246-4-2.5-6g 42″ x 45.5″ 2,500 19.46
L4253-2-2.5-181-16G 42″ x 53″ 2,500 17.93
J4258-2-2.5-181-16G 42″ x 58″ 2,500 21.15
J4846-2-2.5-6g 48″ x 45.5″ 2,500 22.41
J4846-2-2.5-181-16G 48″ x 45.5″ 1,700 18.87
J4853-2-2.5-6g 48″ x 53″ 3,064 27.56
J4858-2-2.5-6G-181 48″ x 58″ 3,000 26.84

Structural Steel Sheet

Material ordered under structural steel sheet must meet predetermined criteria specified by the deck manufacturer. The criteria may be the chemical composition of the steel and/or mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, elongation, and yield, to name a few. In addition, other items such as quantity, coating type, width and thickness, packaging, etc., are all necessary to assure the correct product is received.

We have thousands of wire decks in stock as you can see from the list. If you don’t see a size you are looking for no problem. We can make them order standard lead times apply or we can drop ship them from one of our many warehouses around the country. Our GALVA-DECK is the most durable wire deck on the market.

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