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Bulldog Pallet Racking in West Virginia

Bulldog’s Selective Rack styles maximize warehouse and distribution efficiency to provide cost-effective solutions to fit your specific needs. The production team and engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in our 250,000 sq. ft. facilities, proudly produce high-quality products for you. These American-Made high-strength steel products will fit perfectly into any warehouse.

Quick Ship Pallet Racking in Weirton, West Virginia

Tear Drop Frames, Beams, Flange-Style Cross Bars, and Row Spacers

Available for factory-direct quick shipping from our Weirton, West Virginia location, Bulldog Rack is a selective teardrop pallet rack brand made in the United States from high-strength steel. Every warehouse industry and business’ racking needs are unique, so there are many different Bulldog pallet racking cross beam lengths and face heights to choose from. Bulldog offers a variety of frames, from a 3 x 1 5/8 profile to 3 x 3 profiles. Each variety has capacities based on 48″ maximum vertical shelf spacings. With a variety of widths and heights, there are plenty of solutions for any storage space. Like most teardrop pallet racks, Bulldog Rack is compatible with virtually all other types of teardrop pallet racks.

Tear Drop Pallet Racking Frames 3 x 1 5/8

TU 23 96 42 15,000 CD Green 46.00
TU 23 144 42 15,000 CD Green 68.00
TU 23 144 48 15,000 CD Green 70.00
TU 23 193 42 15,000 CD Green 89.00
TU 23 192 48 15,000 CD Green 93.00

Tear Drop Pallet Racking Frames 3 x 3

TU 33 192 42 22,900 CD Green 106.00
TU 33 192 48 22,900 CD Green 108.00
TU 33 240 42 22,900 CD Green 132.00

Tear Drop Pallet Racking Step Beams 3 x 1 5/8

TB 3 96 2,868 Orange 22.00
TB 425 96 5,080 Orange 26.00
TB 45 108 5,260 Orange 30.00
TB 6 144 7,596 Orange 55.00

Tear Drop Row Spacers & Wall Ties

RS 6 Orange 1.00
RS 12 Orange 1.50
WT 6 Orange 1.00
WT 12 Orange 1.50

Flange Style Cross Bars or Pallet Supports

FPSLD 42 1,500 Galvanized 6.50
HSPS 42 1,150 Galvanized 4.80
HSPS 48 1,000 Galvanized 5.50

Tear Drop Row Spacers & Wall Ties

RS 6 Orange 1.00
RS 12 Orange 1.50
WT 6 Orange 1.00
WT 12 Orange 1.50

Wire Decks For Pallet Racking

If you need pallet racking, there’s a good chance you’ll need pallet rack wire decking as well. Wire decks are placed on the top (or on the instep) of pallet rack beams and provide a wide, flat surface for pallets or other loads to sit on. With its wire mesh structure, wire decking promotes airflow throughout the warehouse and doesn’t obstruct warehouse personnel’s sightlines when picking from the rack system. Wire decking is available in dimensions that fit standard upright frame depths and beam lengths.

WD 42 46 2,500 Gray 19.80
WD 42 52 2,500 Gray 21.50
WD 48 46 2,500 Gray 23.60
WD 48 52 2,500 Gray 25.50

Wraparound Post Protectors

While pallet racking is strong and durable, pallet rack systems are not immune to safety risks. Because of the fast-paced nature of warehouse work and the weights of the loads involved in warehouse storage, it is highly recommended to make full use of the pallet rack safety accessories available to users.

FACP 3 12 Yellow 13.50
FACP 3 16 Yellow 19.40

Other Styles of Pallet Racking offered by Bulldog Rack Co

West Virginia Pallet Racking

Did you know that Bulldog offers many other styles of pallet racking? The most known is the Keystone Style Pallet Racking, not to be confused with Republic Pallet Racking but compatible or interchangeable with Republic Keystone. Bulldog also offers a Ridg-U-Rak compatible style Pallet racking with the slots at 4″ adjustments and interchangeable with most styles.

Suppose you are considering something that needs to carry heavier loads or sustain high abuse in heavy applications. In that case, Bulldog also offers a structural pallet rack that can be made to your requirements. Bulldog also offers many colors and accessories. The most common colors Bulldog offers are the standard orange and CD Green which is the OLD USP or United Steel Products or Excel Storage products Vista Green. The many different accessories bulldog racking offers include the famous Column Protector and the end-of-aisle rack guard.

One of the oldest designs that Bulldog still makes is Hi-Line Pallet Racking. Its unique design makes it very easy to spot in an industrial warehouse, and there are thousands of uprights still standing today.

Suppose you are adding to your industrial warehouse or looking for storage of your long, bulky products. In that case, Bulldog also offers Cantilever Racking for these applications and can make and design to your custom requirements. Secure Pin Cantilever is offered in various colors and can be shipped knocked down via flatbed right from our facility.

We also offer Systems that our engineers can design for you based on your requirements. For example, we can design your next warehouse with Drive-In, Pushback, Pallet Flow, Rack Supported Buildings, and we offer custom fabrication services. So let us help you design your next warehouse.

Perks Of Bulldog Racking

  • Strict In-house Quality Assurance Programs in Place
  • Made with American-Made, High-Strength Steel
  • In Compliance with RMI, AISI, and AISC
  • Frames available in any height or depth
  • 9 beam heights made with 55,000 PSI yield steel min.
  • Removable and replaceable safety clips on all styles
  • All products are Powder Coated or galvanized
  • 12 Standard Colors available on all styles
West Virginia Pallet Racking

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