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More often than not, when it comes to pallet racking systems, wire decking is included. We at Pallet Rack Now are pleased to spotlight J&L Wire in the second installment of our Manufacturer Spotlight series. J&L Wire Logo

Pallet Rack Now has sold millions of dollars of wire decking since becoming a J&L dealer. You can find J&L wire decking in our online store, here.

J&L started producing wire decking in 1990 after producing primarily woven wire confinement panels since its founding in 1980. Their main product offerings today include decking, woven wire flooring and industrial wire (galvanized, bright, and pre-straightened and cut). The aforementioned wire decking is used primarily in warehouse storage and material handling applications, while their woven wire flooring and confinement can be found in agriculture applications.

J&L’s memberships include MHI, RMI, and MHEDA.

Corporate headquarters are located in St. Paul, Minn., where manufacturing also takes place. An additional production facility is located in Walterboro, S.C. and between the two sites, over 80 people are employed.


St. Paul, Minn.

Manufacturing Facilities
St. Paul, Minn.
Walterboro, S.C.


Galvanized Wire Decking (Galva-Deck™)
Pallet Rack Backing (Galva-Stop®)
Pallet Stops
Woven Steel Wire Flooring Boss Hog Extra™ and Boss Hog Extra™ Self Supporting Flooring)
Industrial Wire (Galvanized, Bright, and Pre-Straightened and Cut Wire)

J&L Wire Historical Timeline

Founded as a producer of woven wire confinement panelsJ&L Wire Flared Channel Decking

Diversifies product line by adding products for material handling and storage
-Galvanized wire decking
-Decking accessories

Expanded manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand
-Construction of state-of-the-art wire mill
-Uses for internal consumption, (vertical integration) and outside sales
-Galvanized wire
-Bright basic wire

Further expansion and product developmentJ&L Inverted Channel Wire Decking
-Upgrade of wire coating process
-Introduction of Boss Hog Extra™ and Boss Hog Self Supported Flooring.
-Opened South Carolina manufacturing facility

J & L Wire has a long history of providing quality wire products to consumers nationwide, and Pallet Rack Now is proud to be a distributing partner. For pallet rack lightning-fast, please visit our online store, or contact us at  888-578-1578.

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