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Pallet racking cost is a top concern for warehouse managers and individuals with a set budget. Finding a quick, comprehensive answer when researching how much pallet racking costs is nearly impossible. So many variables exist within the world of pallet racking and storage applications that influence cost.

Selective pallet racking is the standard warehouse storage solution for palletized products. Many factors affect the cost of pallet racking, including pallet rack dimensions, capacity, material, color, system type, and whether the racking is new or used. 

New and used pallet racking vary significantly in price, and the services required to design and install pallet racking come at their own added costs. The purpose of this blog is to summarize the price ranges and possibilities for pallet racking to help customers like you make an informed decision for your warehouse. Keep reading to learn more, and call 888-578-1578 with questions or to get a quote!

New selective pallet rack components (frames, beams, wire decks, etc.) will cost more or less depending on the size, material, and listed capacity. 

Here, we’ve put together a standard bay of pallet racking using popular sizes and capacities to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for a single bay:

Altogether, this bay of selective pallet racking costs $647.82 (prices subject to change online).

How to measure your pallet rack. Image of a pallet rack bay.

Higher-capacity components will cost more than components with lower capacity limits. Larger components also come at a higher price. In general, larger and higher-capacity pallet rack components require more steel and raw materials, which is why they cost more.

We sell new pallet rack components online. Shop now to see pricing and product details, and contact us with questions or concerns. 

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Stronger materials like stainless steel, structural, or galvanized racking have higher price points due to their additional strength and damage resistance. 

Different types of pallet rack systems also cost more than standard selective pallet racking. If you are in the market for push-back, drive-in, or another type of engineered pallet rack system, visit AK Material Handling Systems, our pallet rack system and design partner.

How Much Does a Used Pallet Rack Cost?

Warehouses that purchase used pallet racking generally save 20% – 25% on their overall storage system costs. This is, of course, a rough estimate. Many factors play into the actual cost of used pallet racking, including brand, condition, location, and capacity.

Businesses in the market for used pallet racks can save big on their storage system, but finding used racking that meets your exact needs can be challenging. The search for used racking requires patience and availability at the right time.

If you are in a rush to rack your warehouse, searching for used pallet racking may prove difficult but not impossible. Here at Pallet Rack Now, we stock used pallet racking and update our availability each month on our used pallet rack page and in our monthly email blast. Subscribe to our mailing list for immediate notification of our updated used stock each month.

What is The Price of Heavy-Duty Pallet Racks?

Heavy-duty pallet racks can store larger, heavier pallets (upwards of 5,000 lbs per beam level) but come at a higher cost. The thick steel gauge used in heavy-duty pallet racking requires labor-intensive manufacturing processes, which also factor into the final retail price. 

On average, a standard bay of heavy-duty pallet racking costs 10% – 15% more than a traditional selective pallet rack bay. Please note that there are pallet rack variables that may alter this number.

Warehouse Racking System Price

At Pallet Rack Now, we offer standard selective pallet rack components. Engineered warehouse racking systems like pushback, drive-in, pallet flow, carton flow, automated systems, etc., cost significantly more than selective racking due to the extensive design and custom manufacturing processes involved. 

Here are some of the additional costs involved with engineered warehouse racking:

  • System design
  • Materials and unique components (wheels, carts, rails, electronics, etc.)
  • Manufacturing 
  • Testing
  • Customization
  • Installation

Again, if you are looking for engineered pallet rack systems other than selective racking, contact AK Material Handling Systems – our partner in warehouse systems and design. 

We hope this blog helped you understand more about the cost of pallet racking and the many factors that influence final pallet rack cost. There are so many variables to play with when choosing pallet racking that can raise or lower the cost of your pallet racking system. For help selecting the right components or pallet rack systems for your storage application, call 888-578-1578. We look forward to assisting you with your storage system journey!

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