4 Benefits of Rack Manufacturer Consistency

Pallet rack wire deck on a starter bay

Pallet racking can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to it and shopping around for the first time. No doubt you have several questions and concerns about making the right decision on a rack manufacturer for your application. 

These decisions and questions can compound and become more complicated when adding used options (which we can help with!). The most common question we receive from customers evaluating both new and used options deals with mixing different manufacturer’s products. The most common pallet racking style is teardrop (connecting holes shaped like teardrops), and you can inter-change most teardrop offerings from other manufacturers. 

But here are some benefits of NOT doing that.

Pallet Rack Damage Control

One of the most common remedies for damage to original racking we see is the interchanging of parts. It’s easy to find cheaper, used parts to replace damaged ones, and many go this route. Simple fix, right?

While the quick solution may be simplest, it may not be the right one. The Rack Manufacturers Institute recommends that replacing damaged parts with identical pieces from the same manufacturer. This action will ensure your pallet racking stays true to the original design, meets load capacity, and prevent catastrophic failure.

Rack Dimensions Aren’t Always What They Seem

Let’s say you have a 96-inch beam that has sustained forklift damage. Any piece in the same style and size should work, right? Wrong. Depending on the manufacturer, that same 96-inch beam may be slightly longer or shorter. The result could be an in-exact fit resulting in instability within your racking system, or the beam may not engage and won’t fit at all. Again, if you stick with the same manufacturer, this problem won’t pop up.

Pallet Rack Warranties

One perk of buying new racking of the same brand is the warranty. Most, if not all warranties carry the stipulation that replacement parts must be from the original manufacturer. Going rogue on your replacement parts will cause your warranty to be voided with a vast majority of pallet rack dealers. 

Racking Code Compliance

Depending on your application’s size and scope, you may have to account for local guidelines, permitting, and laws – most often engineering guidelines. These come down to where you live, work, or using the racking, as these guidelines vary wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Mixing rack manufacturers can adversely affect your system’s engineering (primarily larger setups) and create a code violation. Sticking with the same manufacturer can help you avoid this problem.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the mixing of manufacturers in the same style CAN work; it is just not advised. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you know what you need, we’ll get it to you lightning-fast. 

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