Pallet racking is a storage solution for palletized products. There are many pallet rack sizes for different pallet dimensions and product capacities. The amount of product stored in a warehouse also dictates the pallet rack dimensions necessary to accommodate all pallets.

Pallet racking ranges from light to heavy-duty, with standard rack uprights reaching up to 20 feet tall. Taller frames can be designed for a customer’s specific application. No matter the application, there is a pallet rack size to meet your storage needs.

How to Choose the Right Pallet Rack Dimensions

It’s always best to work with a pallet rack specialist when choosing pallet racking to ensure that the correct material is chosen to support the system. Choosing the right gauge and dimensions for your pallet racking is vital and should not be taken lightly. Three things govern what pallet rack dimensions you need for your warehouse:

  1. Pallet size
  2. Pallet weight
  3. Number of pallets

Pallet Size

Pallet width, depth, and height will determine your bay width and shelf level height. The bay width helps determine pallet racking cross support dimensions and pallet rack wire decking sizes.

Measure how tall a loaded pallet of product is to know how far apart to place each shelf level. A 4” minimum clearance between the top of your pallet and the bottom of your next beam level ensures loading and unloading.

Pallet Weight

Pallet weight determines the pallet rack capacity requirement for each beam level and for the entire bay. Working with your pallet rack specialist will be important to ensure the appropriate pallet rack is used to support the system. Number of pallets per level and spacing between levels will affect the capacity requirement.

Weigh a loaded pallet and ensure your pallet rack beams and upright frames are rated for or above that capacity. It’s better to play safe and choose a gauge above your capacity needs to accommodate product weight fluctuations.

Number of Pallets

The number of pallets in your application determines pallet rack height, length, and the number of rows. It tells you how much pallet racking you need to accommodate all of the pallets in your warehouse.

Standard Pallet Rack Sizes and Dimensions

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The charts from Ridg-U-Rak below outline standard pallet rack beam and frame sizes and capacities. For help choosing the right beams and frames, fill out a quote form.

Pallet rack beam sizes
Pallet rack frame sizes

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