Pallet rack safety backing improves warehouse safety by preventing falling items in the warehouse. Warehouse accidents caused by falling objects make up a large percentage of yearly workplace injuries and lost inventory. According to OSHA, over 50,000 workplace injuries occur from falling objects every year. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to bolster your warehouse against fall hazards – pallet rack safety backing! Pallet rack backing consists of welded wire mesh panels or nets that attach to the back of a pallet rack system. These safety panels enclose a pallet rack bay or shelf level and prevent items from falling, or being pushed off the back of the racking.

Pallet rack safety backing

When to Use Pallet Rack Safety Backing

Pallet rack back guard protects against more than just personal injury. It can also prevent lost inventory, pallet rack damage, and forklift damage. It is an added layer of overall pallet rack safety in your warehouse. Here are some of the primary instances that require pallet rack backing panels: 

High Storage Levels

Use pallet rack safety backing for overhead storage levels. Any possibility of products falling from overhead is a risk that should be minimized in the warehouse. 

Open-Backed Pallet Rack Systems

Back-to-back pallet rack systems typically do not require safety backing. However, stand-alone rows of pallet racking with open backs not against a wall are one of the primary culprits of falling objects. Forklifts can easily push pallets, boxes, or other products too far and off the back of the shelf level. 

Pedestrian Walkway Below

Designated pedestrian walkways should be free of hazards, especially falling objects and trip hazards. If there are potential risks, warehouses must mark the area with caution signs, or a safety solution like pallet rack netting must be present. 

Odd-Shaped Products (Rolling Products)

Some products (round or cylindrical products, for example) are more prone to tipping and rolling off shelves. When storing canisters or odd-shaped items, use pallet rack backing or a wire partition solution.

Difficult Forklift Angle

High bay racking is nearly impossible to see when loading and unloading. Even the most skilled forklift drivers are at risk of bumping or knocking off products due to a lack of visibility. In this instance, pallet rack netting prevents forklift, driver, product harm, and more. 

Types of Pallet Rack Safety Backing

Wire mesh pallet rack safety backing

Wire Mesh Backing

Wire mesh backing consists of formed panels made from sturdy wire mesh. It is framed and fitted for each specific bay of pallet racking. Wire mesh backing is a stronger, more durable safety backing option than netting.

Installation is relatively simple – each mesh panel is attached directly to the upright columns with mounting brackets and bolts. Mounting wire mesh backing to off-ground rack bays is more complex and typically requires two or more people. 

Pallet rack safety netting

Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Pallet rack netting is similar to wire mesh backing but consists of plastic or nylon mesh rather than solid metal. Netting can span an entire row of pallet racking and be trimmed according to the rack system.

Cable ties fasten safety netting to the pallet rack uprights and can be used to install netting across an entire run of racking.

Pallet Rack Backing Manufacturers

Folding Guard
WireCrafters pallet rack safety backing
Husky Rack & Wire
Industrial Netting pallet rack safety backing
InCord pallet rack safety netting

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