What is Pallet Racking? A Simple Guide

What is pallet racking? A simple guide


What is Pallet Racking? A Simple Guide

Pallet racking is a warehouse storage solution. One bay of rack consists of two uprights and two beam levels. All of this gets put together to create space for storing material on pallets.

Selective pallet rack bay 36 x 46

What Does Pallet Rack Do?


Racking creates organized vertical storage. This storage will save you space in your warehouse. Many different companies use racking for different reasons. You will see racking in grocery stores, manufacturing warehouses, distribution warehouses, retail stores, grow rooms, and more.

How Much Racking Do I Need?

You only have so much room in a warehouse. To understand the amount of racking you need, you will need to calculate how much room you have available in your space and calculate how many pallets you need to store. If you need help calculating how much pallet rack you need, contact us at (888) 578-1578.

What is a Pallet Rack System?

A pallet rack system simply put is a unit or bay of rack. All bays of racking are pallet rack systems.

selective pallet rack system

For example, if you have a selective rack, this is a racking system, or if you have pallet flow racking, this is also a racking system. These systems come in all shapes and sizes.

Are There Different Types of Racking?

In regards to different types of racking, there are many. There is teardrop, hook and slot (slotted), paltier, structural, and many more. For more examples, please visit our pallet rack guide.

Paltier pallet racking in white