J&L Wire – Manufacturer Spotlight

More often than not, when it comes to pallet racking systems, wire decking is included. We at Pallet Rack Now are pleased to spotlight J&L Wire in the second installment of our Manufacturer Spotlight series. Pallet Rack Now has sold millions of dollars of wire decking since becoming a J&L dealer. You can find J&L […]

Manufacturer Spotlight – Steel King

Pallet Rack Now is pleased to introduce our new Manufacturer Spotlight feature. We at PRN are very fortunate to work with the country’s best manufacturers of pallet rack and material handling equipment. Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling some of these companies, starting with Steel King® out of Stevens Point, Wis. Pallet […]

Understanding Pallet Rack Frame Capacity

pallet rack frame capacity

Pallet Rack Upright Capacity We’ve covered pallet rack beam capacity and how to make sure you’re getting strong enough beams for your application. Pallet rack frame capacity works a little differently. How so? Unlike beam capacity, upright frame capacity can change. This is because the weight-bearing length of an upright frame column can change depending on […]

Pallet Rack Beam Capacity: A Guide

  When helping customers find the right pallet rack for their needs, one of the first questions we invariably ask is how much they need each beam level to be able to hold. Knowing how much a customer needs their beams to be able is a highly valuable piece of information. Pallet rack beam level capacities vary […]

How to Assemble Teardrop Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack Installation

  Prefer watching videos? Head to the video version of this guide by clicking here >>. Assembling Pallet Racking Like almost anything you assemble, correctly assembling pallet racking is essential if you want it to work as intended. If you install your pallet racking incorrectly, there could be dangerous outcomes such as falling racking and […]

Selective pallet rack

  Intro to Selective Pallet Rack New to pallet rack? We’re going to cover the fundamentals of selective pallet rack and give you the confidence to get started with your project. At a basic level, pallet rack is a storage system usually made up of three parts: beams, frames, and wire decks or pallet support […]

Now Available: Pallet Rack Accessories

Steel King Frames

Frustrated by unstable racking? Forklifts denting your uprights and your bottom line? Looking to upgrade from using 2″ x 4″s on your beam levels? Pallet Rack Accessories We heard your feedback and requests, and are excited to announce that we’ve added a full line of pallet rack accessories to our online catalog. We now offer multiple […]